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2006 - International Balint Federation - Fees 2006


Treasurer : Dr Michel Delbrouck

Rue Flanière 44, 6043 Charleroi-Ransart BELGIUM

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Brussels, February 16 th 2006

FEES 2006

To the Presidents and Treasurers of National Balint Societies

To each individual member of the IBF

Dear Friend,

As each year, the council asked me to write personally to the treasurer and president of each country. May I ask you to pay your national or personal fees to the International Balint Federation for this year.The amount of the 2005 fees is 700 EUROS (seven hundred Euros). As in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005, for each country, this amount is to be paid on the bank account :


IBAN CODE : BE82 2600 0101 8468

FORTIS BANK (Boulevard Tirou, 100, 6000 Charleroi, Belgium tel : 00 32 71 20 32 11)

Account of the International Balint Federation c/o Dr Michel Delbrouck, rue de la FlaniËre, 44, 6043 Charleroi. Belgium.

Please take the bank expenses for yourself and not for the IBF. For Eastern countries the council of the IBF have decided a amount of 70 EUROS. For individual membership in countries with no Balint Society is the amount : 70 EUROS.

This year, we have to pay the expenses of the three first prices of Ascona (flight and accommodations)The IBF's Council urges all the national Societies to pay their fees promptly so that the work of the Federation can continue. Hoping to that your Society will continue the affiliation to the International Balint Federation, I would be grateful if you would reply to my letter by mail or email as soon as possible. Could you please send me the name, address and Email adresses of the actual treasurer of your national Balint Society. Finally, I would like to assure you that the Council of the Federation will continue to do its best to assist the future development of Balint work throughout the world.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Michel DELBROUCK , Treasurer, International Balint Federation

May I remind you of the advantages of membership of the IBF :

1. To participate at International Congresses

2. To increase contacts and international exchanges between professionals

3. To have opportunities to meet fellow Balint enthusiasts from around the world

4. To compare the different Balint animation (group leading) methods.

5. To get support and help with formation of groups and training of leaders

6. To participate in scientific work and discuss articles on the Balint method.

7. To read and edit different works and papers from the different national societies.

8. To finance the international secretary's office and the Federation board.

9. To pay the expenses of the IBF's website and the maintenance

10. To subside partly eight registration to the international Balint congress

11. To pay the expenses of the three first prices of Ascona (flight and accommodations)

12. To harmonize criteria of accreditation throughout the world

13. To become part of the IBF and be eligible for International accreditation of group leaders

Rue de la Flanière 44
6043 Charleroi-Ransart
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