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2005 - Meeting of the General Assembly and Council of the IBF - Stockholm - Sweden


General Secretary: Dr Heather Suckling

93 Ribblesdale Avenue
N11 3AQ

Tel: 44 (0)20 8368 6130

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Minutes of the meeting of the General Assembly and Council of the International Balint Federation
held at 16.00 until 18.00 on Saturday 27th August 2005
At the ABS-huset

Those present:
Austria: Biggi Mauthner
Belgium: Michel Delbrouck, Jean Flechet
Denmark: Helena Nielsen, Annette Davidsen
France: Michel Nicolle, Louis Velluet, France Pascale Hauvespre, Genevieve Rieu, Francoise Auger, Marie Anne Puel
Germany: Sigmar Scheerer, Thomas Kanzow, Ernst Petzold, Steffen Haefner, Heide Otten
Israel: Andre Matalon, Aya Biderman, Benyamin Maoz, Stanley Rabin
Italy: Guido Previde
Netherlands: Jan van Trier, Marieke van Schie, Rudolf Meyer
Poland: Bohdan Wasilewski
Portugal: Jorge Brandao
Romania: Traian Strimbu, Tunde Baka, Albert Veress, Eva Veress
Sweden: Lena Sviden, Conny Svensson, Anita Haggmark, Anders Haggmark
Switzerland: Philipp Portwich, Irma Blaschegg
UK: Lenka Speight, David Watt, Andrew Dicker, Paul Sackin, Erica Jones, John Salinsky, Heather Suckling
USA: Don Nease, Ritch Addison

1. Apologies:

Vladimir Vinokur and Olga Kuznetsova, (Russia)
Annie Bouillon and Agnes Borrione, (Association Internationale du Psychodrame Balint)
Natase Vranjes and Tatjana Popovic-Vasilic, (Serbia and Montenegro.)
Sanja Blazekovic-Milakovic and Stanka Spehar, (Croatia)
Kornelia Bobay, (Hungary)
Marion Lustig, (Australia)
Eeva and Hannu Makkonen (Finland) were unable to stay for the meeting.

2. Minutes of the meeting of 25th January

These had been circulated previously.

3. Matters arising that do not appear elsewhere on the agenda.

There were none

Item 8 was taken next before people had to leave:

8. Amendment to the Statutes of the International Balint Federation;

In Mallorca in January 2005 the Council drew up the following proposal to be considered by the General Assembly:

that Article 4 of the Statutes is amended by adding the following sentence:

'Officers may serve no more than three consecutive terms of office (six years). However, if there are no suitable replacements for the posts of Treasurer or General Secretary, these officers may remain in office longer where it is seen to be in the best interests of the Federation and has the support of the Council.î

The motion was passed unanimously, so the Articles will be amended and circulated with these minutes.

Action:    Heather

4. President's report:

The President thanked the Swedish organisers of the Congress and congratulated them on its success.

She thanked the secretary for her work on behalf of the IBF.

She reported on the very successful meeting in Mallorca in January 2005. The German Balint Society had organised a Leaders' Workshop followed by the Council meeting. All those present had found it both useful and enjoyable. She invited all those interested to attend a Leaders' Workshop there in January 2006.

The president reminded everyone of the website of the International Balint Federation www.balintinternational.com and asked for information from all members. After this meeting all Balint Societies who are members of the IBF will be listed on the website, although email addresses of the officers will not be published because there is concern about them receiving unsolicited emails.

If you wish to put information on the website please contact  Heide: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

Action: All
Action: Heide

5. Treasurer's report including payment of outstanding fees

The Treasurer reported that the Federation is solvent and that most societies had paid. He distributed copies of the accounts.

There was discussion about the different amounts paid by different societies. The present system allows those from Eastern Europe to pay a greatly reduced fee (70 Euros instead of 700 Euros.) Also some societies, e.g. Denmark and Switzerland had negotiated a reduced fee as they are small societies. The Netherlands asked to pay a lower fee as they too, have a small membership. It was agreed that two decisions must be made:

i. What amount should be paid by societies from Eastern Europe whose countries are now in the EU?

ii. Should small societies pay a reduced fee?

It was suggested that societies with fewer than 70 members should pay half the standard fee.

The meeting agreed that the question of fees will be discussed as an agenda item at the next meting of the Council.

Action:    Heather

6. Secretary's report:

Registered Societies:

Heather was pleased to report that the following 17 societies are now recognised members of the International Balint Federation:

Association Internationale du Psychodrame
Serbia and Montenegro
United Kingdom
United States of America

The following 4 societies will fulfill the requirements later this year:


The following 2 societies state that they are preparing to apply for membership:

Russia and Latvia.

Officers of the National Societies: An amended list of the national societies with the email addresses of their officers will be circulated with these minutes. Please check it and let Heather know of any corrections or changes.

Action: All

Dissemination of information: Heather reminded the meeting that it is impossible for her to contact every individual. All information will be circulated to the Officers on the list and it is their responsibility to disseminate news and information to the members of their societies.

Action:  Officers of the National Societies

EURACT: As agreed in Dubrovnik (June 2004) the secretary wrote to EURACT (the teaching subdivision of WONCA Europe) requesting that Balint work is recommended for the training of General (Family) Practitioners. A disappointing reply was eventually received in May 2005. (A copy of the reply is attached to this letter.) She had sent an email immediately to ask about the 'bad experiencesî but has not received a reply and shortly afterwards the president of EURACT changed.

The officers of the IBF agreed that Heather should apply for membership of EURACT and she has done so. She has been told by the British representative that her membership will be approved in November, so she hopes to be able to attend the next meeting to explore the situation.

The meeting agreed the following:

i. Once her membership is confirmed, Heather will write again requesting information about the 'bad experiencesî and also giving further positive reasons for recommending Balint work. (Benyamin Maoz suggested that she refers to Andre Matalon's paper on Communication that was presented at this congress).


ii. All members are asked to contact their own country's representative of EURACT and enquire about the discussion that took place, in particular find out what these 'bad experiencesî were and where they took place. It is important for the reputation of Balint work that we try to put matters right.

Action: All

Romania: The Balint Society of Romania is organising a conference 22nd-25th September 2005 to which everyone is invited.

All enquiries to Albert Veress: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

7. Leadership Accreditation:

Heather reminded the meeting that one of the criteria of membership is to supply the IBF with the Guidelines for Accreditation of Balint Leaders. These should be translated into English and comply with the International Guidelines.

She will contact the officers of those societies who have not yet submitted these.

When she has them all she will distribute them to all member societies.

Action: Heather

8. See above: amendment to the statutes.

9. Reports from the National Societies.

Heather thanked all those societies who have sent reports (17), especially those whose reports were succinct! Some hard copies were available at the meeting, but the reports are attached to these minutes so everyone has a chance to read them.
They will be posted on the IBF website.

Next year we look forward to receiving reports from everyone, but please note they should be no more than 300 words!

Action: Officers of National Societies

10. Availability of National Balint Journals:

The website lists all the bulletins and journals that we know about. It is planned to list the contents and abstracts, but copyright law forbids the publication of full texts on the web.

Please ensure that the editor of your publication sends the information to Heide Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

Action: Officers of National Societies

11. Website for the International Balint Federation:

This is http://www.balintinternational.com/

Yet another reminder to look at this regularly and make sure information about your society is sent to Heide.

Action:Officers of National Societies

12. Ascona Awards:

Ernst explained that the Ascona prize will now be awarded on alternate years and will be presented at the International Balint Congress.

This year 10 papers were submitted and 6 prizes awarded:

First prize to Victoria Rainsley (UK) who presented her paper to us in Stockholm.
Second prize to Else Gaubert (UK)
Third prize to Marija Simat (Croatia/Switzerland)
And 3 fourth prizes

The next prize-winning essay will be presented in Lisbon.

Please see the website for further details and encourage your students to enter.

Action: All

13. 15th International Balint Congress, Lisbon, Portugal in 2007

Jorge Brandao had already given a presentation to the Congress to demonstrate the suitability of Lisbon for the 2007 International Congress, it does indeed look inviting and the Portuguese Society has begun the preparations.

He suggested 10th -13th June but these dates are not suitable because they clash with other international events.

After some discussion the following dates were agreed:

Saturday 1st to Wednesday 5th September 2007.

14. Date and place of next Council meeting:

The next Council meeting will be held in Brussels at the invitation of Michel Delbrouck and the agreed date is Saturday 11th March 2006.

Benyamin Maoz invited the Council to Israel, to Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee, for the autumn meeting in 2006 (providing the political situation does not prevent it). This was agreed by the meeting.

15.Any other business:

As there was no other business the meeting closed at 5.50 pm with thanks to our Swedish hosts for an excellent congress.


Amended Statutes of the IBF
Balance sheet
List of Officers of the National Balint Societies
Letter from EURACT
Reports from the National Balint Societies

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