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2005 - Meeting of the Council of the IBF - Campanet - Mallorca


Officers of the Council (since 5 October 2003)

President:                                 Dr Heide Otten (Germany )

Vice-presidents:                       Dr Kornelia Bobay (Hungary)
                                               Dr Marie-Anne Puel (France)

General secretary:                    Dr Heather Suckling (UK)

Treasurer:                               Dr Michel Delbrouck (Belgium)

Minutes of the Meeting of the Council of the International Balint Federation

Held at 15.00 on 22nd January 2005

At the Hotel Monnaber Nou
07310 Campanet

1. Apologies

Michel Delbrouck, Belgium;Helena Nielsen, Denmark; Albert Veress Romania; Henri Jablonski Sweden; Lenka Speight, UK; Vladimir Vinokur, Russia; UK. Ritch Addison, US; Heinrich Egli, Switzerland; Kornelia Bobay, Hungary; Natasa Vranjes, Serbia and Montenegro; Sanja Blazekovic, Croatia; Katrin Fjelstedt, Iceland.

2. Minutes and matters arising that do not appear on the agenda.

The minutes were agreed as correct.
There were no matters arising.

3. President's report

The president expressed her gratitude to our Spanish colleagues who unfortunately were unable to remain for the meeting.  She appreciated being able to meet the president of the Spanish GP organisation and was delighted that Dr Jose Maria Lopez Gonzalez had been able to join the workshop. He expressed a wish to maintain contact with the IBF and hopes to bring Balint work to Spain. He had undergone Leaders' training in Germany.

Belgrade: She described a visit to Belgrade that she and Heather had made for an inaugural meeting of the Serbian Balint Society. They had been made very welcome and had been impressed by the work of the Society. They had led Balint groups and found the participants enthusiastic and struggling with problems similar to those in all our countries.

She expressed disappointment that our Serbian colleagues were unable to be with us in Mallorca, but travel to Western Europe is very difficult for them. We hope that they will be in Stockholm.

Website: She was pleased that the IBF website is now up and running and she encouraged everyone to use it and send any information they would like to go on it to her.

Ascona Prize: Heide also reminded us about the Ascona prize for medical students, she was unable to attend the presentation in June but the prize had been divided between 7 students; (2 first prizes, 2 third prizes and one extra). She is a member of the committee (Stiflungsrat) and explained that they have decided in the future to award the prize every second year, not annually. This will enable the presentation of awards always to be made at the International Balint Congress. Travel expenses for the students will be subsidised by both the committee (Stiflung) and the IBF.

(There is an agenda item about this year's prize.)

4.  Treasurer's report including payment of outstanding fees

The Treasurer, Michel Delbrouck, sends his apologies, but plans to be with us in Stockholm. He asked Marie-Anne Puel to speak to the accounts and is delighted to report that the IBF has a healthy bank balance.

The total balance in Euros is 28,452Euros .

The improved balance is because more countries have paid their subscriptions, but there are still some fees that have not been paid. Heather hopes that the new system of registration will facilitate the collection of outstanding fees.

The Council congratulated Michel and thanked him for all his work on behalf of the IBF.

However, the Council was then reminded of the list of uses for the funds that was drawn up at the last meeting . (It is reproduced here for clarity):

1. To pay the expenses of the Officers to attend Council meetings twice a year. The amount to be limited to 700 Euros per year per officer

2. To subsidise the expenses for students who have won the Ascona prize to attend the International Congress in order to collect the prize.

3. To pay the necessary amount to maintain the website of the IBF (up to 1,000 Euros per year)

4. To subsidise non-EU Eastern European delegates to attend International Congresses (the number depending on the funds available)

5. To subsidise medical students to attend International Congresses (the number depending on the funds available)

6. To subsidise the expenses for a delegate from a small society which has low resources, to attend a Council meeting of the IBF

7. To subsidise the expenses of an experienced member of the IBF to travel to countries who invite them in order to establish a new Balint Society.

The secretary pointed out that the amount for maintaining the IBF website may not be sufficient as the amount of information increases and she suggested that the limit should be raised to 2000 Euros per year.

This was agreed.

The President suggested an 8th item:

8. to subsidise the translation of appropriate Balint books into English.

that would be if funds are available as the Council realises that translation is very expensive.

The meeting agreed to add this eighth item.

5. Secretary's report (including Register of Members)

Register: The secretary reported that she had sent out a form to representatives of the national societies to collect the necessary information to ensure that they fulfilled the criteria for membership of the IBF. This certainly makes life easier for her and she hopes that it will also easier for the Societies and the Treasurer.

So far the following societies have completed the forms:

1.      Belgium

2.      Croatia

3.      Finland

4.      France

5.      Israel

6.      Romania

7.      Serbia and Montenegro

8.      Switzerland

9.      United Kingdom

10.  United States

Germany, Denmark and Sweden will send the forms after their next meeting.

Poland has sent insufficient information, but Heather will contact them and representatives from all the other countries who have been regarded as members of the IBF.

If your country has not completed the form please do so as soon as possible ñ there is one attached to these minutes.

We hope to have a complete list before Stockholm so that after that the IBF website will publish the Register of bona fide members.
Action: Heather and anyone not registered!!


The request for Balint work to be recommended for GP (Family Practice) training in the EU had been made to these organisations, who seemed sympathetic. Thanks to members of the IBF Council representatives from many countries had supported us. However, Heather has not received any information from EURACT or WONCA. She will follow this up.

She had also asked if she could become a member of EURACT and she is eligible. She suggested that any eligible Council members should join to strengthen our position. She will find out about eligibility and costs and circulate the Council.

 Action: Heather

6. Procedure for the election of officers:(Elections will take place in Stockholm in August 2005)

The stated procedure (attached) was agreed, but an amendment to the Statutes (Constitution) is to be recommended to the meeting in Stockholm. This will limit the officers to serving no more than three consecutive terms, a term is two years. However, if there are no suitable replacements available for the posts of Secretary or Treasurer, these officers may remain in office longer.

Please note that the nomination and voting procedures will be adhered to strictly, so please ensure that nominations are received in good time and also any postal votes. Each national society is allowed up to 4 votes and individual members 1 vote each. The Officers are each allowed a vote (not included in their national society's quota).

NB only registered (and paid-up) members will be eligible for nomination or to vote!

A nomination has already been received from Israel, proposing Professor Maoz for the post of Vice-President. The election will take place in Stockholm.

7. Leadership Accreditation / Credentialling

Heather is collecting the individual societies' criteria for leadership accreditation. She will circulate this information as soon as possible.

Action: Heather

8. 14th International Balint Congress, Stockholm 24th -27th August 2005

Preparations for the Congress are well under way. Anita and Anders reminded us that the Congress website www.balint.se is now up and running. It gives information about the programme, accommodation, social activities, costs, a form to register on line and everything one needs to know about the Congress.

The organising team is working hard to read all the papers that have been submitted.

The team looks forward to welcoming us all to Stockholm.

Please register now!

 Action: All

9. Reports from National Balint Societies

It was agreed that the new system of sending the Secretary short (300 words) written reports so that they can be circulated at the meeting is an excellent idea and those present thank Lenka for this suggestion.

The meeting agreed that these should be published on the IBF website.

Portugal had not submitted a report, so Jorge summarised Balint activities in his country.

He and Antonia have been running groups for one and a half years, they work under the auspices and with the support of the Association of General Practitioners. The groups usually have 10 members and meet monthly. They are encouraging many new, young GPs but have also run a demonstration group for a postgraduate course for nurses, that was very well received. They are shortly to hold a meeting of their Balint Society to elect the officers. Jorge has been nominated as the president.

Jorge agreed to send a written report to the secretary. Once she has all the reports she will forward them to Heide for the website.

Israel has not yet sent a report, but have promised to do so.

Action: Jorge and Stanley and Heather

10.  Report on the WONCA meeting, Orlando, Florida, USA 12th October 2004

John reported on the Balint day at the WONCA meeting in Orlando.
There were presentations about Balint and about 50 participants attended. This was followed by three groups.
It was a very successful session. There were participants from Panama, Chile, Korea, Hong Kong and Japan as well as from countries who are associated with the IBF.
Marie-Anne reports that the next WONCA meeting will be in Paris in October 2007 and she referred us to the WONCA website.

11.  Availability of National Balint Journals

It was agreed that ideally all our journals would be available on the website. However, two problems were identified:

Copyright regulations may prevent this, although the publication of abstracts would be permitted. (John reminded us that the contents of the British Journal is published on the UK website.)   

Marieke is concerned that if the journals are published on the website without a password, this may discourage people from joining the societies and paying the fees.

It was agreed that those present will discuss their own societies for permission to publish either the papers or abstracts.

The IBF website will provide links to all the national societies' websites, but Heide needs the information if the link has not been set up yet.

Action:  All

 12.  Website for the International Balint Federation

This is available and easy to use with links to many societies.

If you would like to put something on the website please submit your suggestions to Heide Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

13.  Ascona awards

Ernst reminded us about this annual award for medical students that is now in its 30th year.

A flier is attached to these minutes and please circulate it to as many Medical Schools as possible. The winner will attend the Congress in Stockholm to receive the award.

Action: All

14.  Venue of International Congress 2007

Jorge suggested that the 2007 Congress is held in Lisbon, Portugal. Everyone agreed that it would be a perfect place to hold the congress but hoped that it would be in the spring rather than the autumn. This would avoid a clash with the WONCA meeting.

Jorge will bring more information to the next meeting in Stockholm

Action: Jorge

15.  Date and place of next Council meeting

The next meeting will be in Stockholm on Saturday 27th August 2005 immediately after the Congress, probably  4.0 pm ñ 6.0 pm.

16.  Any Other Business

  • Heather pointed out that we had not discussed the amount of the IBF funds that we could use to subsidise delegates to the 14th International Balint Congress. The meeting agreed that the officers should decide when they know how many participants have applied for subsidy.
  • The meeting congratulated Heide on the organisation of this meeting and thanked her and the German Balint Society for their arranging it.

The meeting was closed at 16:50

HCS 14 February 2005

Mijn Balint

Leden hebben toegang tot artikelen en The Journal of the Balint Society. Deelnemers aan Balintgroepen vinden hier tevens notulen van bijeenkomsten.

Agenda: Studiedagen en congressen

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