Third International Balint Group Leadership Conference

Datum: 11-09-2014 - 13-09-2014

Locatie: Karei Deshe  |  Plaats: Karei Deshe, Israël

Applications are invited to attend the Third International Balint Group Leadership Conference which will be held at the Karei Deshe Guest House from 11th – 13th September 2014.

Karei Deshe is ideally situated on the edge of the Sea of Galilee (Gennesaret) and will provide a beautiful and self-contained setting for the conference.

The conference is convened by the International Balint Federation (IBF) in association with the Israeli Balint Society. IBF holds a workshop/conference on leadership every two years. The aim of the conferenceis to provide a forum for Balint Group leaders from all over the world to study Balint Group leadership together. There will be an opportunity to exchange ideas and to participate in workshops on the dynamics of Balint Group leadership.

The conference theme will be: Group dynamics in Balint group work.

Staff Team: Daniella Cohen (Israel); Andrew Elder (UK); ChristianLinclau (Belgium); Andre Matalon (Israel); Tove Mathiesen (Denmark); Yael Nardi(Israel); Heide Otten (Germany); Michele Paree (Belgium).

Conference Organising Committee (Israeli BalintSociety): Mark Budow, Ofira Katz,Andre Matalon and Stan Rabin.
Conference Organiser (Karei Deshe): Moshe Halper, SP Group

Information for Participants: The conference will be held in English and isintended for Balint Group Leaders of all levels of experience from countries affiliated to the IBF (and is also open to those who are individual members of IBF). It is envisaged that there will be up to a total of 60 participants and that they will include:

- experienced leaders
- those newly or recently accredited as leaders
- those currently gaining experience of leadership prior to accreditation

Participants must commit themselves to staying for the whole event.
It will be assumed that all participants will be willing to lead a group.


Karei Deshe, Israël




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